Today was an absolute scortcher. Very very hot. I woke up at around 11oclock, which is quite early for me these days. My bedroom window was open and there was a hot wind coming in through it. So first thing I did is to close that thing!!

I spent the first half of the afternoon complaining about the heat, even though I actually enjoy it.  I had another nice wrap today for lunch, and made one for my sister too. It was about 2oclock when I asked mum if she wanted to go to the beach to cool off. She agreed so me, mum and Alicia headed off to the beach. On the way I was telling mum about this secluded part of the beach that was just up from where we were planning to go. So we decided to go there. Unfortunatly my memory is totally crap, and I couldn’t remember where the turn off was, so we headed back to where we were planning to go in the first place.

There wasn’t as many people as I had expected there, and the waves were not what I was hoping for. But it was still nice. I allways get self concious when I go to the beach. I don’t like being in my swimwear, so I made sure I had a top and boardshorts on. Well at least I was being sun safe anyways. We stayed down there for about 2 and a half hours. I enjoyed it alot. There wasn’t a single time where I was thinking bad things, or worring about anything.

When we got home I was desperate for a shower. I had that gritty sand everywhere, and that horrible feeling of your skin when you have been at the beach. After the shower I realised that I got sunburnt a bit. Not severly just a little red on my face, back and arms. I’m sure it won’t be as sore by tomorrow. I’m a bit annoyed in the fact that we paid out for this expensive sunscreen and I still got burnt. It seems no matter how much sunscreen I put on I still come out red.

Mum decided that a salad was on order for dinner, and I enjoyed it again. I love salad. Along with some ham and sandwitch chicken loaf.

Now that the night has come, its still quite warm. I like it. There is a slighly cooler breeze coming through the window which is cooling. I don’t think i’ll be sleeping in the blankets tonight.

All in all its been a another good day. I hope they continue. I feel a bit down, but i’m trying to beat it.



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