For as long as I can remember I have had some small compulsive tendencies, but I never thought I would be classified as having OCD. Nothing I did interfered with my daily life. Most of what I did centered around how I ate cretin things and the order in which my CDs went into their cases. Here recently however things have gotten worse. Especially in the past two years. I have suffered from Depression most of my life and have been under the care of different psychologists/Psychiatrists on and off through out my life. The same can be said for anti depressant medication. Just this past year I hit an all time Low and decided I should seek some help. I started seeing this lady therapist who suggested to my regular MD that I go back on anti depressants (Zoloft). She was also the first person to ever suggest that perhaps some of my compulsive thoughts and behaviors are to blame for more of my troubles than I think. She pointed out many behaviors that I had never even considered as being part of OCD. Some of my behavior and thoughts are starting to interfere with my work and have brought my social life to a complete halt. I would really like to get these things under control but I don’t know where to even start. I studied Psychology in collage and can talk theory all day long but as far as actually putting any of it into practice, especially on my self, I would definitely need some help. The lady I was seeing was very nice but we just did not hit it off very well. The problem with that is there are very few choices where therapists are concerned in my area and there is not a single privet MD in 35 miles. I am feeling stuck, and don’t know where to go from here.

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  1. rottenhound 10 years ago

    Thank you for the comment. I will deffinetly check out those books!

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