49 Facts about me you may not know!!

1 for every birthday!

1. I have always been a hard worker, doing physical type jobs.
2. I took 3 Xanax the day I got my first (and so far only) tattoo!
3. When I love I love with all my heart.
4. I have a big heart which tends to get me f'd over and pushed around.
5. I'm listening to "Something Beautiful" by Need To Breathe right now!
6. I have many masks I wear, not many people know the real Ruth.
7. The song "Mine Would Be You" is one of the songs I listen to that makes me tear up a little.
8. I don't think I will ever get married again….but I have thought that before.
9. I have been married 3 times. (I know…Don't judge!)
10. I was a grand mother at the age of 35!
11. When my niece was born I used to tell people she was my daughter…. I was 14. lmao
12. I used to cut school to go hang out with friends to smoke cigarettes.
13. I really need to start an exercise regiment.
14. I HATE snakes.
15. I love the ocean and feel the only time I am truly at peace is when I am sitting on the sand with my toes buried in it!
16. I know nothing lasts forever but I hope for long happy life.
17. It scares me to think I may be alone the rest of my life.
18. I have a lot of "friends" but only a handful I could ever really trust.
19. I don't usually lie , BUT I have lied in the past a time or two.
20. Sometimes I think I don't deserve to be happy.
21.Sometimes I also think I don't deserve to be loved.
22. I was in an abusive relationship for years, it's left me with many scars and horrible memories.
24. My favorite beer is Bud Light.
25. My favorite shot is Fireball.
26. I drink Dr. Pepper more often than coffee in the mornings.
27. I drink too much coffee in the mornings that I actually drink it.
28. I have 5 children.
29. I'm sitting here thinking of you while I type this and I have no idea why!
30. I believe in angels.
31. I also believe in ghosts.
32. I think the loved ones I have in heaven are always with me especially my brother, Rick and my grandmother, Grace.
33. I'm not happy with all the choices I have made in life.
34. I love to cook.
35. I am not perfect!
36. I am addicted to song lyrics… they say everything that I can't.
37. I'm not a needy person, but I do need to know how someone feels about me…I need to hear it.
38. I'm not mean, I just don't do "stupid people"!
39. My favorite candy is not what you might think! Snickers…not Baby Ruth's! lol
40. I have a group of "peers" on here that understand the things that I go thru.
41. I miss my children and grand children more than I let on.
42. I am prescribed sleeping pills that really don't work that well, so I do not take them often.
43. I love to read but haven't picked up a book in months.
44. I think wayyy too much, wayyy to much of the time, especially at night when I should be sleeping!
45. I wish we could break the stigma on this disease of ours.
46. I am the loneliest I have been in a very long time even though I try not to show it.
47. I was in a coma for 4 1/2 months.
48. I was born with only 1 kidney.
49. I hope to find true happiness one day in the near future.

~Ruth Smiles~

  1. Author
    keithg 9 years ago

    Thank You for sharing your facts….)

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  2. Author
    Desperate 9 years ago

    aw that was really sweet. I hope to find some happiness too.

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  3. Author
    shoremd 9 years ago

    you sound alright to me. most is water under the bridge and the rest will sort its self out. just remember that you can not make someone care about you or love you, it just has to come on its own.

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