Since a lot of people are asking more information about myself and why I'm on

I've been a web designer since 2000. I have a variety of websites. A few of those sites are social campaigns that exist to raise awareness: and

I purchased a few months ago because it still exists with no known cure and although I am not HIV positive myself, I knew someone over ten years ago who was in the AIDS stage that had an impact on my life.

He was a thirty something gay male who was dying with no support network during his last days on earth because people were too afraid to catch AIDS.

There are plenty of websites that talk about HIV/AIDS: prevention measures, testing, etc. But I wanted it to cover an area that needed special attention. was launched for people like him who need some type of emotional support network and for friends/families of those with HIV or AIDS to help them gain a better understanding of what people are going through.

The other social campaign site I have called will contain information on what to do before, during and after a tornado.

Me, my husband and daughter lost everything and almost died in the Lafayette, Tennessee tornadoes on February 5th. We are all originally from Florida and had no idea what to do, what to expect, etc. I believe if we were armed with just a little bit more information then maybe the experience would not have been so tragic for us.

We're doing fine today and the tornado experience was life altering for us. It reminded me not of the things I *want* to do before I die but the things I *need* to do.


Tia Wood


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