I made it to work last night, so today I knew I was going to be tired. My best friend, Matt, came round early this morning (or late last night) on his way to ASDA to buy a voucher I earned from online market research, so it was 2:15 am before I hit the sack, to make things worse.

It started off a very niggly day. I couldn't get anything to work right. Downloaded five video converters before I found one to convert rmvb to something more useful. Had two trojans blocked in the process. Eventually, though I found one which works.

Popped out to deposit my wages and encountered more traffic than seemed plausible. Where it all came from on a Wednesday afternoon in half term I have no idea, so that annoyed me.

Decided to play a game on the PC when I got back and discovered my joypad had deconfigured itself. Worked out that Morrowind had saved itself a corrupt profile to the controller managment program, and sorted everything out by deleting it. All works fine now.

So, it's been a bit of a niggly day. But I had a nice dinner of pork chops, spring greens, carrots and mash, with one of my best every gravies. And all in all I have got a few things done and didn't really get wound up as much as I can do. Perhaps the counselling is starting to work. I think the fact I now have codiene available for when I have to work also helped, as I am not as achy today as I usually am the day after work.

So, despite having plenty for me to wind myself up about, it's not been a bad day all told.

As a certain well known diarist once said, "and so to bed."


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