There is this proverb that says you are what you think that is for you to live a life of peace,happiness and joy you must learn to check all that goes into your heart.

  Let me share a  beautiful experience i had inreference to how i conqured agoraphobia in my life and still hoping to help alot of people get out of the bedeviling trauma.

  You see that i am who i am today i took charge of my destiny and fought tirelessly until i got to where i am today .i have suffered and gone through hell in the hands of the society.i suffered from social anxiety,combustive disorder and a whole lot of ailment that if not for this great place i wouldnt have known that all this things has a name.

  You see for you to rise and take charge of your destiny you must align yourself with a mentor and a role model to help you rise and get yourself out of your present situation.then i use to look at people who can stand in the public and talk so beautifully without winking an eye.

  I realized that they only have one heard just the way i have one head,one nose,two hands ,two legs and almost the same feautures that i have got then i also realize that the only thing that can guarantee your self confidence in the public is if you peep yourself and act as if you are in the face of people .

  You must practise so assidiously because practise makes perfect and for you to make success out of your life you must be focused and determined because the world is not friendly with a failure so you must endeavour to work and build your innate confidence  because you are destined to rise and grow yourself out of your present situation.

  If all other people can do it you can also do it so go all out and take your destiny in to your havnde because you are a success in the making.

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  1. sonne63 14 years ago

    Wow, your blog just blew me away, it is so so true. "The world is not friendly with a failure" – it is sad, it is unfortunate, and it is true. Your statements are very inspirational; I do not believe I have the energy or courage to do what you advise, but it is excellent advice, and I congratulate you on taking the brave initiative to find your way out of your negative situation into something so positive. Bravo, S

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