I just did a poll on the front page.

The poll asked:

Who is More Important Than You:

Family, Friends, Everyone, or No One.

I looked at the results and the majority of people said Family, not too many said No One, and I believe the least amount of people said Friends.

I wasn’t surprised by the results but I did learn the answer to this in St. Francis.

No one is more important than you! You can’t possibly treat people better than yourself. Think of a sick mother who wants to kill herself. When asked who is most important to herself she will say her child. But if she keeps this attitude she will fail to recognize that she can’t truly help her child without helping herself first. The mother may kill herself thinking she is protecting her child when in reality she could have done that by being the best ‘her’ that she could be.

Guided Self-Change is all about becoming the best YOU that you can be. Right now many of us are hiding and living false lives. In GSC this self is called ‘you’ (little you). We want to transform into YOU (big you) and stop protecting it by being impatient, angry, sad, shy, or whatever it is that we are doing that makes us so depressed and pushes others away.

There are three parts to everybody. Mind, Body, and Spirit. We must take care of each part. It is the spirit (not necessarily religious, just the embodiment of love) that guides our transformation. We must always listen to our true innerself (YOU) and do what is best instead of listening to the mind of ‘you’ that has perfected how to lie to our trueselves and the world.

I’m going through this transformation now so it is hard to show you exactly what the result is. But if I have gotten your attention or you are interested in learning more, keep looking out for my future blogs. I know it’s been kind of jumbled but this is just some of what I have learned that I thought was relevant and I wanted to share it while I had it on my mind.

Thanks for reading.

Randy L.


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