im actully dreading work today… fallen out with somone for a reason im not complety aware of but have some idea. we were really good mates adn since shes got friendly with her other mates ive been pushed aside unless shes needed summin like a lift. anyways cus im not offering her lifts etc atm shes gone all quite on me and now just mkaing life hell at work. put a complaint in about me yesterday at work , just becuase over the last few weeks ive had some quite nicejobs according to her. its all mixed no one gets all the nice jobs shes just trying to find something to fire at me cus i dont get it wrong at work. anyways shes a right nasty piece of work when shes fallen out with you i just dont know how to deal with it . she will bully me out of a job adn because we were close she knows exaclty what buttons to use to make me break and leave. i dont know what to do. part of me is saying to fake it and jjust be all nice to her again so she thinks im yet again beher go to girl , but then im literally allowing somone just to use to me and i hate that , had thaat all my life. and then another part of me is saying mayby i should just try and beat her at her own game and just try adn try not to alow her to see me upset and try adn look like im getting o n with out here at work i duno that does sound hard to do , im not good at trying to control being happy atm . sorry this is more of a rant and to get things out of my head befor i start work! it might help! hope all are having a good day 🙂 x


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