do you remember me?

The same girl you never seem to be noticing,

the same gal you pass by,

with nothing to say not even a hi,

while I watch from afar,

observing your heart with all it’s scars,

but you never notice me,

I’m a shadow you pass as you flee,

I bite my tongue and hold my breath,

I do this till my lungs hold nothing left,

when you are near I can not hear,

Everyone else just disappears,

my heart drums faster in my chest,

Being in your presence i feel blessed,

I hold a place for you in my heart,

But you never want to be a part,

apart of my life,

apart of my world,

and when I sing of sweet romance you pretend to gag and hurl,

notice me senpai,

I wish you’d stay and notice me tonight,

but if not like the flower to the wind,

I’ll say goodbye and this story will end…

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  1. Author

    Thank you my sweet kitty, you’ve filled my eyes with joyous tears,
    I know when I’m crying you’re the one who hears,
    I see you in the shadows holding my hand,
    You tell me that you love me and,
    that I’m beautiful,
    knowing you love me is more than plentiful,
    I hope you know you are my kitty, here forevermore,
    And i beg and plee you’ll never walk out the door,
    My sweet charming kame-chan heres what i want you to know,
    that’s i love you and i won’t ever let you go. <3

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