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In order to coop with everything I have joined this site. So I can vent what is inside me because I cannot talk about my feelings to anybody. I am not counting on it that anybody will read this but at least I know it is out there.

My situation is like following, I am living in China and I have married a Chinese woman with who I have a beautifull daughter. I am a freelancing marine engineer so more then half a year not home.

At work I am most of the time surounded by uneducated idiots who think that being marginal is a good thing. They get positions they do not deserve and their technical knowledge is next to none. The payment otherwise is to high for what they can do. Luckily I earn more that is the only good thing that keeps my moral on board higher. Because what they can destroy I have the tendency to fix again. I love my job but I hate the lazy retarded people around me. Everything what happens on board is being exagerated and it is worse then a fish market. Since I am only on board to do my job and don't get involved with politics. I always have to be carefull what I say.

At home everything was fine until my parent in law came to help us taking care of our new born. This was unexpected and I feel that my wife was lieing to me that this would happen. My mother in law is a control freak who wants to be always right and would sqeeze a penny. My father in law has a resemblance of a big bag of potatos but to keep ik in perscpective of cultural reference a big bag of rice. I have bought 2 appartments in China and the one we live in now as not ment for my parents in law to live in so I bought a second one but this one is still in building. So I am stuck with them for another year. Thanks to this I started hating everything that is related to that culture. They are stupid and think that outside China everything is bad, but don't realize that their own government is poisining them literally.

If it were up to me I would have moved back to Belgium a while ago but my wife is trying to block this moving. My job doesn't require a specific job location and I love my wife to much to force her to do things she doesn't want.

I am depressed because of my parents in law and it is to wrong to say it out loud but I am glad the life expectancy isn't that high for Chinese people. Because even if my wife is 31 they still think it is ok to take orders from their parents. They think it is ok that the kid is being raised by grand parents. This may sound good but remember the generation of them where active during the cultural revolution so values, manner and knowledge is down the gutter with them.


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