How could you let it happen, or did you even care

You were in the same house…so how could you not know

That even as a little kid, he was usually hurting me so

With his hands at first, and his words were there

Creating such a darkness inside that no kid should have to bear


A mom is supposed to protect her kid

But, what is it that you did

Instead of protecting, sometimes you even helped

Through the words that would cut like a knife

Especially as I grew older it got so unbearable

I really seriously thought of ending my life


At that point, and quite honestly even now

I don’t think you have any idea how

Much it all hurt, that you didn’t seem to care

I mean how much would it have been to bear

To love that little girl you bore

Despite all the scars she had to endure

She wasn’t an accident, she wasn’t a pain

All she ever wanted was to be loved and not to be a drain

On anybody’s time or patience even though

She was always held accountable for the pain you both had

Even though she was the kid..and you were the mom and dad


All I wanted was love, but I lots of hurt

No kid deserves to end up feeling like dirt

Because they were born, and their parents weren’t ready

For when that happens it’s as adults we pay

For the sins that we didn’t commit

We can’t trust, find it hard to love or to believe that it’s true

Not because of us….but thanks to you




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