YO DT hahah some of you make me laugh till it hurt lol tell snowie lol hold on shit its just rebirth its gonna be alright and Donna yes you blessed be one thing really sorry about that cat leash crap suppose my mind was stuck on duh your awsome woman for real i am serious lol can not spell that so how about i say lol oh no spider there we go ok please someone tell snowiei hope that asshole thing i said i just embarrassed the crap outta my self face is beat red you guyz holy haha love you silly people thanks for keeping my spirits up while i am in this excuse me young nurse alert beep beep beep will some one come get me the hell outta here for cryen out loud told these idiots i wanna be home ok here tell em i need something i aint gonna haha you know you already know and heather howz about some of those cute adorble animals you send oooo so so precious ok enough of this soft shell crap i up outta here lol this nurse what hey vinal please pick and appropriate song mary she probly thinken oh shit shes gone and done it now oh no oh our AGK i love to hear her laugh hey where are my books woman winken done really sparky ah bs ouch oh my hey hey this idiot omgosh i never where the hell the hello did this woman or child go to school shit are you that ruff in bed for cryen out loud this sucks but you guys are all surrounding me and i will so help me hey one last thing hahah hearing people oh bother what the heck does jump jee hosaphat got ok never mind open to others poihts of view ya know why people croke in this place haha its so fen boaring its stupid vinal please i am serious music please your choice kiss on the cheek are ya single never mind oh here she comes hit the deck oh shit haha this is too much haha flash back oh friggen ana hey what the frigg you looken at ya got a problem haha i am really wititing a song for you all no word of a lie title shit now i am cryen stop that muppster dont cry laugh its all one big comsmic joke hitch hikers guide to the galaxsy now that was hilarious and how bout in money pithons holy grail its still funny haha when they put that friggen cow in the sling hahah and shot it off hahah i love english humor spot on oh thatnks for real gotchai back breaks over back to the studio winken na we be all here me and my ol crew in this cold stainless steel crap i mean this is not jail if it is please dont tell me let me dreamok enough kid just called see its all gonna work out later all please be good to yourselfs and one another yeah you know


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