After a great day at work, I was able to spend time with my sis and her family for the great feast.  Holidays have always been a trigger for me for stress knowing that I would have to face my mother and her neverending prying into my live . . "Are you dating anyone? Have you met anyone at work?  You will be going thru "The Change" soon since I went thru it early."   Uggghhhh, when does it ever stop? – with her, it hasn't ceased for even a moment for the 41 years that I have had to endure her questions and her quietly storing all of the information away just to throw it in my face at a much later time.  Her treatment of me has made me withdraw from her at all costs.  Years of counseling has not prepared me how to deal with her.  She is truly the least liked person in my life.  Please understand, my mother was not near the typical caring mother that you are all accustom to.  I am too stressed out even thinking about it much less attempt to explain my feelings about her so please do not criticize me for not liking my own mother.   

On a good note, I am excited about working my retail job tomorrow (black friday) mostly due to it will keep me running all day long and I won't have even a second to dwell in my own self pity.  If you are one of the brave shoppers, please keep in mind to be kind to one another and the sales people who are working at the stores, please remember, we are all someone's favorite aunt, sister, brother, grand daughter, daughter, son, mother or father who are just trying to make a living. . .   Please think of us as one of your family member's who are struggling to make end's meet and have sacrificed our holiday's to be there caring for our customers.  Everyone have happy holidays and remember to Love one another through this holiday season. 

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 12 years ago

    I'm not criticizing you for not liking her.  I only wish you could spare yourself from all  the invasiveness.  With statement like the topic is not up for discussion. Or please refrain from cross examining me. Or even. Mother, stop invading my privacy.  Anything, but sucking in all that negativity.

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