Can I still be in denial about winter? Ha! It's around zero degrees here now; don't think so. (That's 0 fahrenheit; not 0 celcius–0 c is about equivalent to 32 above fahrenheit.)

Grr. I don't feel like dealing with it. I never used to mind it too much–just as long as it wasn't -20 to -40 more than two days in a row.But I'm just too worn down. I don't wantto deal with the obsessions overif I'm doingall the right things to take care of the dogs out in the cold…. If it were a matter ofsimply taking care of them out in the cold, I couldprobably do it. But my stupid OCD exhausts me, always telling me that I'm not doing enough or notdoing it right…. *sigh*

Then there'sthe snow gear thing… ugh. I'm a complete cheapskate. So somethinghas to be completely andutterlyworn out before I'll even think about replacing it. Okay, that's not quite true–I will think about it, but decide not to 'cause I can dowithout for right now…. So it's areal hassle tofigure out what gear to wear and to deal with the stuff that's falling apart.Oh, yes, and I hate shopping for clothes. It's so incredibly exhausting for me I just can't stand it. So I'll do almost anythingto avoid it. Thus…Ipretty much never get new good gear. Last time I got a new wintercoat: about 9 years ago. However, I have old ones that friends have given me. New boots? About 9 years ago. I finally stopped using those about 2 years ago; they're utterly useless since moisture comesright through them from the rubber soles….haha

Anyway…thankfully, I have some other boots,too…. Ones that friends have given me. Oh, wait…one of my pairs of snow boots is a little newer…. Anyway, you get the point…it's a HUGE hassle!!!! Especially gloves, though..grrrr.

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 10 years ago

    I don't like winter much either!


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