Well i just got this amazing opportunity to audition for a new disney channel yea i know diney channel is more for younger people but its what ive always wanted so ive been working my butt off at the rennisaince faire to get the money to go to california and now im not so sure cause i really like working at the renn faire but i dont know if i enjoy it enough to give up my dreams cause im trying to think in reality not everybody is gonna get that big break and there is a slim to none chance that i'll be the "next big disney star" but at the renn faire im always guaranteed the job until i say i dont want it anymore and if i dont get my big break then where does that leave me? stuck in california cause i'll have spent all my money just to get there and i dont want this to be making the biggest mistake of my life. taking the disney job could be a mistake but so could be not taking the job. well ive dreat of making it big someday so since i was 10 ive been telling myself that im gonna live in these million dollar condos cause that was the way i wanted things and thinking about just being an average person in an average house living an average house just seems so terrible to me and im not saying that there's anything wrong with it cause trust me im glad that im just average sometimes but its like ive created this world in my headed where im this huge superstar and just thinking about not living that way is heartbreaking but i really do like to act its just what is going to be the better acting career choice


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