I know in this season we all face a chill
the future unknown, the misery of the past, remains still
it is that I ask for a brief pause if you can. Look out
look up, and lend a helping hand. A kind word. A soft
smile, or friendly hug, despite all the risks of cold and flu
The season is fraught with so much inherent woe, less
sunlight to make our hearts cheery, and money that comes
and then goes.
I know in my heart how tough it is, to face
friends and family with all that goes on in good cheer
or merriment that we feel we don't deserve in places
we don't belong.
I am a sinner, a lover, a man, I know the reason
for the season can be greater than the sorrow
we know. Offer up something of yourself, even
a tender eye, just to yourself, it is of course
alright to cry. We dredge out the old and search
for the new, let the spirit of Christmas in your soul
be renewed.
I'm Christian and faithful and believe this time marks nigh
a celebration of the birth of a savior for all on this planet
and under this sky.
That is not a wall between us, but a bridge across the ravine
of all the things that separate us, visible or unseen.
It is not expectation that you believe as I, no it is simply
a wish that we share love for each other
and love ourselves too, despite
how harsh it may be out there. For me, or for you.
Keep close to the this whisper, know I care, no matter
your religion, your lovers, your lifestyle, so there!
This is for you, in the dark stormy night
Please stay warm, and know you are loved, by one crazy lout.


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