Okay, this is the dream I had but in written form. I think it would make for an interesting game because there would be small animals in the world she was in. Well here ya go.


Her daddy and the neighbor behind their house were best friends. They would always talk to each other beside the chain link fence. Whenever he wanted to go over to the man’s house, he would just hop the fence and they’d start talking again. His daughter took care of him and the house. She was 12 but she cooked and cleaned like a little maid. It was by choice she did that because her mother…they never really knew what had happened to her.
“Daddy, I think you should stop lying to him.” His daughter said to him while they were looking out the window together. For some reason her daddy had been lying to his best friend about a lot of things. The red-headed girl didn’t understand why he was lying but she knew he was. Her father, a dark-brown haired man, didn’t reply to her request.
He was having financial trouble. The man told the neighbor about it, for some reason he gave the truth this time, and the neighbor, a man who had a medium length white beard and white, slightly puffy hair, generously gave her daddy $1,600. The freckled young child could only imagine the neighbor gave it because he didn’t want his best friend to have to move away. But then her daddy kept lying to the man. Finally…her daddy was caught.
“I have given you money, conversation, and much time of my long life and I get repaid with lies.” The neighbor wasn’t yelling loudly but his voice was fierce and cold. She watched from the back door as the neighbor pushed her daddy to the ground from the couple of porch steps. Her father landed on his rear and stared with wide eyes up at the neighbor and the old man’s outfit changed to that of a wizard. The last thing the girl remembered was the backyard neighbor turning to look at her.
 She awoke in the dark on hard wood. The young girl didn’t understand why her world was slightly wobbling. Her arms pushed her up from where she was lying and her legs took her to where she saw light. It didn’t take long for the red-head to reach the open door and look out. Far away she could see the green of a forest, the tops of trees and little ponds here and there. Closer in there was fog. There was a slight chill but it wasn’t bad. She was on an air-ship she had only seen in fantasy pictures and movies. Somehow, though, the young girl knew that there would be only one man in this entire world and that one man was her backyard neighbor, the wizard.  

  1. ancientgeekcrone 12 years ago

    I think it would make a great story if you enlarged it and made her go on adventures and so forth.  I am not much of a game player, but I read and read lots of fantasies and this sounds like a good beginning for one.

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  2. sayaandtenshi 12 years ago

    Really? Oh thank you! I”m a writer and I really loved this dream and I”m glad it was good. I”ll continue with it as best I can. But I think I”m going to keep the names not there because I feel it makes it better. Tell me what you think.

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