I’m really struggling rn. I think my ptsd is triggering because of the 2 dates coming up. I’m really not doing well about it. Last night I had one on the phone with my bf and I felt so bad because he needed to go eat and I didn’t want him to go cause I knew it was gonna happen so he stayed with me till after it and after I calmed down. My make-up ran and he told me I was still beautiful and that it was all gonna be ok.. I’m really happy to have him but I do feel bad that he has to deal with me and my attacks. I’m really hoping that I start to get better.

Thanks for listening to me ramble….

  1. libbyd23 7 months ago

    I can totally relate to feeling bad about having someone be affected by attacks and your feelings. I feel the same way and what has helped me is knowing that the attacks and anxious feelings are a part of me and shouldn’t be something I’m ashamed of. Those that truly love me and want to be there for me won’t be annoyed or burdened by me.

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