Our landlord is playing games with us again and it is really getting me down.

We know he wants us out and we know it is not for a fair and justifiable reason. We are model tenants – this is/was our home and we treat it as such; put alot of love and effort into making the house livable and gardens/paddock safe, productive and sustainable; we have always paid the rent on time and have made basic improvements like fixing roof guttering to catch and use rain water (there is no town water here and we had to buy water in before we could move in), building a back step where there was a half meter drop onto cracked cement and putting flywires on windows and doors (and replacing some of them) at our own expense.

I'm trying really hard not to treat his latest announcement as a personal attack on us (even though he is aware that we will be made homeless and our animals destroyed if he goes ahead with it). I'm also trying not to get caught in the "if only" routine – you know the one… if only we hadn't moved here/trusted him/wasted the last 3 years etc?

The one good thing I can get from all this is that I have come a long way in the time I have lived here. I fled my home state and abusive past to come and live in the bush to try and heal myself. I was an absolute mess; a poor facsimilie of a person then with many maladapative behaviours. Over my time here, difficult as it has been in many ways, the beauty of nature and the company of my animals (both pets and wildlife) along with the loving care of my partner has shown me that peace and happiness can be mine. 🙂

  1. miasma 10 years ago

    Why is your landlord trying to kick you out?

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  2. borntired 10 years ago

    oh awsa how bitter sweet, i am glad you had a time of healing, will he give you enough time to save up to move somewhere else, what is he thinking time wise,


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  3. Aswa 10 years ago

    He lives on the same property in a coverted dairy and wants to sell up and move to the city – well that is the most recent story.  There have been several over past months interspersed with small but significant rent increases and cryptic telephone messages.

    We don't have any problem with him putting the place on the market, he does own it after all – but he wants us out before he advertises it (?). We are more than happy to show real estate agents and prospective buyers through but…

    There is a housing shortage here at the moment and we won't be moving until we legally have to (i.e evicted either by him or new owners) and even then we don't know what or where to. We have put an application in with the govt housing authority and I may be eligble for emergency short term accomodation but my partner is not.



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