Sometimes I feel like no matter how far I’ve come I will always go back to this darkness. I go in and out of it but lately I’ve been in it so much more. Has anyone been in an abusive relationship? And when you’re finally able to get out of it they still manage to bring you down? That’s where I’ve been this past month and I wonder if he’ll ever stop. It wasn’t like this when we first started dating and because of how great it used to be we had a child together but everything went downhill from the moment I was pregnant. So even though we are no longer together he will always be in my life since he is my son’s father. I wish he couldn’t get to me anymore. I wish I could just ignore it. I don’t like feeling this way but it’s just so hard to be happy.

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  1. rikamono 2 years ago

    You could always choose to put boundaries with others who makes you feel down. Don’t stop trying at least for your kid keep trying. Hope you feeling better by keep trying.

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