Well, today was average although one of my compulsions was really bugging me today.

Basically, if I scuff my feet forwards along the floor, by accident or whatever, while I'm walking along, I have to push them backwards along the floor with the same amount of force. Sometimes I have to do them left and right too.

I was walking along a corridor at school today, talking to two of my friends. They kept talking but I realised I had scuffed one of my feet. I said to them "Oh, I think I dropped something- I'll catch you up." so they went on. I took a step back, to where I scuffed it before and I stood there doing it the other way with the foot I did before and both ways with the other foot and left and right with both feet but it wouldn't feel right. By the time I got it right, I had been stood there for about 3 minutes, sliding my feet around on the carpet. Only one group of people walked through, while I was doing it- A group of sixth formers- and I quickly opened my bag, pretending to me looking for something in it. One of them gave me a weird look though…

When I finished, I went to the bathroom to wash my hands because I found some pen on them from the previous lesson then I was finished… But only one person was in there with me, who had just gone into one of the cubicles, so I stood by the door until she came out of the cubicle, washed her hands and pulled the door open the door to leave. I followed her out before the door closed.

Yeah. I have an obsession about not using any bathroom except my own. Especially porta-loos. I only use other bathrooms, like at my friends' houses or in hotels (As long as they're not public toilets) if I clean all round the toilet seat with toilet paper first. I don't even like touching public toilets or ones at school and stuff. I don't use the hand driers.

Also, I don't like touching anything else after I've just washed my hands. If I need to turn the tap off, I use my elbow or put toilet roll on it, then turn it, so my hands don't touch it. Plus I never touch bathroom doors when exiting (AFTER washing my hands- If I'm going in, I can just wash them after opening the door). I'm not so strict on my own bathroom, though. I will touch the bathroom door (Although it's a lot easier at home, because you push the door to exit, so I usually just automatically push it with my elbows) and I also don't mind so much about the tap. Except, when I'm at home, if I turn it off with my hand, I put water over the tap first, to make it cleaner. Also, like with the door, it's easier at home with the tap because you tilt it up to turn it on, down to turn it off and one side is cold and the other is hot, so I tend to just automatically use my elbows for that too.

So, yeah, when I got out of the school bathroom, lunch break was just finishing so I went to my next lesson, but, on the way, I had the thing with my feet again and ended up a minute late for my lesson… :/

Hopefully that didn't bore you much. 🙂

From me. ♥


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