Today the sun is shining down teasing me.  I can hear it calling my name. I really want to hit the roads on my pedal bike. I am so sick of being in the house. I hate winters. The stationary bike is boring me now. When I hit the trails I have my ipod singing in my ear. The sun on my face and the wind caressing my body. This natural high is the best feeling I have in my life. No worries whn I am on the trail. Just go. Here I can push myself as hard as I can and know that I am only doing good for myself.  Frustrated take it out on the pedals. push harder with the feet. Pain ride throught it the natural endophines will kick in.  Tight chest and hard to breath keep going get involved in the song and it is forgotten my body corrects it and breathing becomes natural. coming up on goups of walkers on you left is the only words I need to say to them.  No forced conversation no worries about thier judgements or Ideas of how i need to deal with anythingthis is mine. The only person who can take this away from me is old man winter. Getting ready to hit the trail. Is like getting ready to go on a date. the excitement has me shaking and butterflies in my stomach.  When the shear exhaustion sets in I know that I have on last good push in me.  Time to hit "the bear" a hill that is a killer one just to kick up my heart rate on last time. I feel so alive. I am ready to dao and take on after each ride. This is the best time of my day for me.


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