Well, Christmas is only a week away now. It’s having the usual affect of mood swings etc – all that emphasis on a happy, heart-warming time makes you wonder why you don’t feel it. Still, it will be the first I spend with my boyfreind, so I’m excited about that. Been feeling a bit neglected by my family of late, but we had a talk last night and sorted things out, I think.
Been having nightmares about the assault I was subject to last April. It’s been quite a while since that happened, and I think they were brought on by the spate of murders and assaults reported on women in London lately. I always feel much more vulnerable and afraid when I hear that sort of report. Going to arrange some form of counselling in the New Year, but this time my partner is going to come with me. I need to know I have him there after I’ve been through it, or I just wont go. He offered to come, and I’m really glad he will.
Things have been very good between us lately (touch wood). I must admit the reality of having a baby in what is a relatively short time period from now has suddenly become quite daunting. I am also for the first time though truely thrilled and excited about it. It’s quite a bundle of emotion there to deal with, and I expect quite a few highs and lows in the weeks to come as I settle into the idea.
Needed to take a week to relax – now I’m up fighting and ready to take any job I can get. Here’s hoping I wont have to wait another 3 months. ?:
Anyhow,ya’ll, incase I do not blog before Christmas, take it at your own pace and I hope you enjoy it. 🙂 x


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