hey everyone,

i hope everyone is in a better mood today…cos i sure hope i am lol. i've decided to tackle one of my major problems since my mental breakdown a year or so ago. I guess u can tell by the tittle that i'm going to conquer my social problem…well its not too big of a problem but after having gone through my bipolar low i felt so anti-social to people in real life i actually lock my heart and keep it away frozen inside of me. after a chat with my sister….well she's not my real sister but she cares about me alot and has helped me in various ways and thoughts especially that i thought i'd take the chance of going to university on their open day and do work there whilst numerous strangers might ask me questions and such about the university in hopes i can open this frozen heart of mine even just a little.

when i arrived at campus there were lots of people like as if it was a sunday market but i thought if i go and run away now not only cant i change myself but also i'll freeze my self fromsociety completely and i might not get an internship for next year if i can't cope with complete strangers coming and going and possibly asking me questions while i am in university or in a workplace environment….hope u get my drift lol cos i sometimes type what i think and people misunderstand me completely.

so here goes down the tunnel into the bright white light of the outside environment.

i must thank anxiouspixi from the bottom of my heart for being my friend my mate and lastly someone who i care so much for that i'd call her my sister….love you loads sis please pray i can get through this.



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