This music is sooo soothing. I’ve decided to start listening more to the music I really enjoy and value, so that hopefully my baby girl will develop an affection for it. It was about four weeks ago she started to hear a little, but I forgot about that wee snippet of information, and have only just started to listen to my jazz/blues albums, Jazz FM, etc. again. Until now, life was too hectic.
I must admit, I do feel a general sense of peace and well-being tonight. It’s quite unsettling (!!) Seriously, the only thing that is any worry to me right this minute is the article I read on ivillage this morning about smoking and it’s effects on the unborn child. I intend to give up very soon – a few days, actually. But the information on smoking in pregnancy is so conflicting. Heavy sigh. They should stop calling it information, and start calling it hypothesese. :dizzy:
Well, second blog in the space of a few hours…That is not working, for you. I had a spell yesterday and was so stressed and anxious I couldn’t sleep until 7am. I got up at 11am, though, so I’m pretty tired right now. I’m kind of waiting for my cutie pie to finish the film he’s watching, because we haven’t been to bed at the same time for a while now, and I miss him when I go to bed. Sleeping in his arms is my favourite part of the day, when I can stay awake long enough for it to happen!
The Bump is growing all the time at the moment. Apparently this is the stage of pregnancy that’ll be the most comfortable for me – i have an inflamed pelvis joint which seems to get better completely and I move my leg slightly or sneeze to hard or something similarly small, and it’s agony again. So annoying.
The remix of The White Stripes song I’m listening to now is better than the original, in my opinion! It’s brilliant! Got to love this station.
Anyhow, I think I’ll sign off now, and leave you all to it. :biggrin:


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