This post i prompted by an interesting discussion I just had with active depressiontribe member Ray.


Sometimes I think the word "Ego" (not the concept itself) gets over-used in our culture. Seeking to detach from the ego is indeed useful, but "successfully" trying to do so is only another egoic search; the concept really comes down to INTENTION. What I mean is, you can seek to detach from the ego, but focusing your intention on the other hand puts the attention on the journey and not the destination.


To directly relate this to depression (or other) treatments, means that by choosing to believe a treatment will work, it is likely (or more likely) to actually work;hence the very strong and very real placebo effect. Choosing to believe something will NOT work will almost ensure that it will in fact NOT work. The power to manifest your own reality is huge…and some would argue we're living in a period of human history where the ability to manifest your own reality-through your intension- is becoming increasingly real. We create our own reality. 


I urge everyone to manifest their own happy state-even for just 1 minute today.  Truly focus on and believe that you are happy, for at least 1 minute.  I whole-heartedly believe in our ability to directly change our situation for the better, but it's not one-stop-shopping…it'll talk work.  It will take cultivating the skill of finding happiness in any moment you can get your hands on.  We all loose it, we all get distracted, but focusing on the struggle is not nearly as fun or useful as focusing our intention on being happy. 


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