If your easily offended do not read past this.

It is just my opinions.



It's funny how we as people has needs to survive or feel well-being.

They aren't just physical needs, but emotional and spiritual needs too.

In the emotional need of wanting to belong, we look for friends or groups… and we participate in a process called socialization. It has a powerful influence on our behaviors and beliefs.

Then there are social institutions, systems of values and rules that determine how our society is "organized." The five most prominent institutions are family, religion, education, the economy, and government.

Every society needs these five institutions in one form or another… or so they say.

It's really how funny how we as people try to find so much "meaning" in our lives in an effort to satisfy our emotional needs in all the delusional places…

Such as thinking that we are all beyond and more important then the other animals… Or some other people thinking they are more important than each other. What kind of vanity is that?

It shows through our history, a long time ago before the big bang theory and fabric of time and space thing was thought up, most people actually believed that the earth was in the center of the universe. (Well religious folks atleast)

Some people don't believe that were connected to apes in anyway, even if all the evidences are in front of them, they refuse to see blindly and rationalize their beliefs in their ways… when back so many years ago they thought it was heretic to interpret the teachings in individual ways… I guess as times and values change they feel the need to tweak the sermons and teachings from their bible so it can be just as accepted.

They prolly  changed it so much that people don't hold even close to the meanings when it was first thought up.

It's also funny howwe think that were so highly above other animals, that we decide to cage them and use them for our amusement… We all need to survive but making a bird unable to fly, is just like making someone crippled in my opinion.

It's unreasonably cruel, and we do it without even realising it.

We are caged ourselves… in our own foolishness, and the confoundings of the world but we can't leave it at that. We need to cage other animals and prison them from freedom so that they can have a taste of what jail is like. Yeah experiences are meant to be shared I guess.

Just because were a bit more smarter then the animals, we think that they are stupid, and "lesser" beings. We act all vain and high-minded over these animals and think we own this whole damn world or something.

All we are, in large, are just products of our environments… just empty shells waiting to be colored by all the dogma and people around us.

It is nothing pretty, life in the largest sense is just a very futile, death is inevitable, sequence.

We all try to desperately find meaning, clog up our brains with so many comforting thoughts, to just have a sense of well-being.

We try to find the truth but we can't accept reality for what it really is…

Christianity at large is declining right now but I can already see the government or social institutions working to put those people in to other religions.

The way that institutions and groups instill similar value is all mechanics of order in my opinion. It is all just in the efforts to get us to work efficiently and well as whole… Sometimes purposefully other times not so.  For the good of the whole I'll say.

Because if we didn't have these religions, or the groups that give us a sense of belonging… a sense of purpose… Then people slowly start tol realize the world for what it really is… As plainly as it always was.

It's to live, eat, sleep, mate and die.

But all it is senses… it doesn't mean that it's real… unless your own head accepts it as the truth… then it will be until you finally snap out of it. Or atleast in your world.

It's the primitive simple thing that people sometimes forget in all these artificial, unreal stuffs that the people has made up.

Were just monkeys living till we die, all these artificial things that people made up started giving us pains, happiness, and it became "real" itself.

It gave us things to be preoccupied with, to forget our primitive instincts for once, but no matter how monkeys dress up and do tricks, there's no denying that they're still monkeys.

Yep that traditional thing called "wedding" now a days has taken foot hold of humanity, now it is so widely accepted and its become such a natural thing.

If what we made up can feel so "real" then what is "real" anyway?

But I guess all this is meaningless… We would all need to be socially conditioned to run around and dance like all the other monkeys around us, for the good of the WHOLE! illusional individuality and the world points us into directions as to where we should go… We follow… blindly like sheeps, it's not even religion I am talking about, as a whole were still babies who need to be formed and shaped, but we don't even realise it.

Sometimes I wonder if people were meant to really be individualistic, or if they can be… Or if were all just blank shells waiting to be colored in by our environments. I guess since we ARE (at large) blank shells waiting to be colored in, we can be colored in by many different colors… What I mean is, humans don't have to be a certain way. There's countless of other ways that people can behave, act, and feel.

let's face it, people are way too emotional to look at the grim realities of life.

They need some entertainment, something preoccupying, or something deluging them (Their own world) so that they can finally relax and have fun for once…

Yep enjoy those times while it lasts.


It's really funny… People have the power to create, at first there was only the natural things such as earth coloring us in… Then people created stuff and that in turn influenced us… Then that colored us in and we kept evolving.

Were still evolving in that way, we create more and more stuff and it colors us in.

I guess I've just been colored in… so don't blame me if I have pessimistic thoughts :P.

Anyway it is just my opinions… At least for now I am regarding these as the "truths" but people change, and I change my views ALOT.

I'll keep being colored in so this is what I ask all the time… What is the "truth" anyway?

People will keep thinking that there worldviews are correct, no matter how much they change them.

So what really is right?


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