my grandma told me one night that when i was 4 i was smart, witty, curious, happy i guess back then i had a pretty promising future. when i was 5 my family and i moved to one of the most evil places on earth going up there distroyed what was once a really smart nice little kid into depressed mess. i moved back to the city and started school, it wasnt until this year when i realized how behind i am and how there is no way that i can catch up, i have never felt this bad before i know growing up i was beat up put down always told that i was never good enough (i hate life) i hate life more than i hate people

there is no one here to talk to i cant talk to my grandma cause high blood pressure = stroke

my uncle who i am beggening to hate with every fiber of my being he has got to be the world biggest pain in the ass self absorded jagoff  i have ever met but you know hes a VICTIM the someone seriously held a gun to his head and made smoke crack and drink you know hes lucky he has a psychologist to talk to LEAVE THE SHIT THERE ASSHOLE damn do i hate him and his snide remarks and i know he is getting a sick thrill at the fact that i am failing at everything that i am doing here 

i swear the only reason why i was put on this earth was to be the asshole the kid to pick on well if your having a bad day feel free to take it out on me thats why i’m here i’m the worlds punching bag

i cant wait to get home my dad has a gun there i think thanksgiving i’ll end it

i quit


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