Something seems wrong to-day. I slept and awoke refreshed, but as the hours have passed, I find I cannot focus. I appear to be walking through a dream in slow motion, like a step out of time. Reminds me very much of what happens when I have started a new anti-depressant drug. Yet I have taken nothing.

I ate at 6:00 am when I first got up and then returned to bed feeling the need for more sleep.

I keep putting my palms over my eyes as if I am expecting things to change when I lower them. My hands are moving slowly, ham fisted. I keep stopping and starting little things that need to be done. I have gotten up from this document at least 10 times so far to do a task that pops into my head. So many times in fact my coffee is now ice cold. Each task I start I find yet another pops into my mind and I move to do it leaving the task I was working on without completing it.

I have neither headache nor the aura of a migraine. I feel cold, yet the heat is set to where it should be. I am finding it hard to locate the letters on my keyboard without looking for them, my hands know my keyboard and yet today it is a strange feeling apparatus.

On another document, I am now making a list of things I want to get done so I can give myself a focal point to refer to. I have to remind myself out loud that the world will not end if I neglect to finish a project. It is noon already and I still have not made my way to the shower, although I have started in that direction a number of times.

I do not feel overly anxious, but this current state is disconcerting.


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