I am in San Antonio, TX living in a retirement community with people old enough to be my parents and almost my grandparents; so nothing in common and no friends; in other words Alone Again.

My daughter recently moved from here to NH, where she grew up. She, as well as her entire family really hated San Antonio. I would move also, but can't afford to. When she was here, I would spend Christmas with her and her family, Xmas tree, food, and fun. This will be my first Xmas alone ever, and it is just like every other day. It would be depressing, but I plan to keep too busy to be depressed.

On the good side, my Major Depression and anxiety is, so far, in remission for which I feel really blessed.

I recently started using e-cigs and really do like them. No more smelling bad and feeling guilty or self conscious from smelling up everything, as well as myself, and producing second hand smoke. Also, the cost is just a fraction of the real ones. I actually like these more than the real ones; no more tight chest if I smoke too much.

I want to wish everyone the happiest of holidays.

Till latter …

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 9 years ago

    Happy Holidays

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