I am sat here wearing the single best hat ever. It's kinda like one of those ones that sleuths wear. If you watch Dr Who, the kind that Melody Malone wears in that episode in Manhattan…

Anyway. I just thought I'd post about something that has come up a lot in the last couple of weeks, You see, I moved to a new town (sort of.) I'm back home for Christmas and that is when everything started…again. You see, I used to be dating someone I considered my best friend for a long time. A lot of things happened in this summer which I won't go into in this blog but this guy was literally the only person I could trust with them.

And then we broke up. Or rather I ended it with him because I couldn't…I guess I couldn't commit myself to supporting him to the extent he supported me when I was settling into life as a student. And then I came back for more than two days and I couldn't help but get nostalgic. I guess because I would call this my first adult relationship…and it was well weird.

Don't get me wrong, I'd date this guy again like a shot but (when there's a but you always know you made the right choice), I'm not sure I'd be happy doing it. I think that … maybe it was a little bit too emotionally intense…and I got carried away. So I guess the moral of the story is that you should always remember to be happy.Or peaceful in your decisions, whichever comes easiest. If you aren't happy then something isn't worth doing. And overall, I distinctly remember not being happy with certain things in that relationship.

Also. Pay attention to people who tell you everything that you want to hear, they often have motives.


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