've received a lot of emails about the senate bill that would drastically harm your ability to have access to nutritional supplements. It is based on the legislation in Europe, CODEX, that passed despite widespread consumer opposition. Which has indeed already greatly reduced the supplements that are available in Europe. There have been other attempts by the drug industry and its friends in congress to do away with your access to these natural supplements. They have failed because of the huge amount of emails and petitions that flooded congress. This needs to happen again. Unfortunately. Below is a copy of an email about this. (My apologies to readers in foreign countries, but if we can't sell these, you won't be able to get them either.)

Robert Harrison
"Friends and Family,
John McCain has introduced a bill to have the FDA regulate herbal and supplement drugs. He must be getting a HUGE contribution from the drug industry. We don't need more interference from big government in our lives.
Below is a link to the site explaining about the bill.
Below is a site to automatically e-mail all of your representatives and congressmen. Please do so and oppose this bill.
This is personal for me. In May 2009  when my lung cancer which we thought was whipped with surgery spread to my liver I was told to wait till the tumor was larger for a biopsy and then they would start chemo. Chemo in this situation is only 2% successful and was the only medical option. I rejected chemo and  opted for an herbal treatment protocol. I felt herbal was my only chance for survival and even though I didn't really believe in it but thought it was my only chance. In November 2009 my CT scan was read as "UNREMARKABLE" the tumor is gone.  I still take herbal supplements as preventive for cancer to boost my immune system and now I am a believer.
While I hope none of you have to make this decision below is the link to the site for the herbal / alternative advisor I am using.
http://www.cancer-prevention.net/    (or http://www.cancerfightingstrategies.com )
I ask each of you to please take a moment and contact your Washington Representative and Congressmen and oppose this bill. Also if you could forward it to your friends. I give you my heart felt thanks and for the many others helped by alternative treatment.


Copy of an email I received……

  1. healthymoonwitch 13 years ago

    I hear ya, I prefer real food over supplements…..but I am happier with B-vitamins for depression than the alternatives the doctors prescribe.

    I haven’t had my levels checked in a while, I need to this week. But I am whole-heartedly enthusiastic about super nutrition. Garlic, herbs and spices, fresh greens…as green as you can stand them….spinach, kale, broccoli….and as near to raw & steamed as you can take. Some just can’t do it! So…the bottled alternatives…dried and stuffed in a capsule, could be beneficial. I am a vegetarian…easy for me to eat my greens. But fish oil is another story. I had to make up my Vegetarian mind, and take some by capsule. I can’t eat a fish…and I am sorry ‘I apparently NEED’ the oil, but I want to beat the virus….so an occasional fish oil capsule makes it in my routine.
    I suggest the same to vegetable haters!

    To YOUR Health!

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  2. healthymoonwitch 13 years ago

    Before too long, food will be next.  The bees are leaving, dying!….cell phones?   chemicals?  who knows…..But if big business can make money off our doom, they will!  They can afford to build a greenhouse and grow food while we all die of malnutrition and the diseases' of our  bad choices.

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