Money is what the make the world go round. Its so frustrating! I work so hard trying to do my best. I work two jobs and I try to live within my means. I dont buy what I cant afford, I dont do alot of things. But its hard to make ends meet. My man has been trying so hard to find a full time job and there is nothing around. He has a part time job but I guess its better then nothing. For about the past year and half things have been so rough for us.

It all started about 2 years ago. My boyfriends Dad was in a nursing home and he wasnt well for awhile now. We went to see him numerous times and he wasnt getting any better. Well in July 08 my boyfriend got a call when he was at work, it was the nursing home and his father was on his way out. So of course he went to his employer and told them and they threw a fit. They said he was aloud to leave but had to be at work at 6 in morning the next day. He said I dont know when my father is going to die is it ok if I send you a note. And they told him if you dont send a note before 6 in the morning the next day then there was no need for him to come in anymore. In a state of distress he gave them his two week notice so he could be with his father. After everything that happened we were so stressed later that day we sent the note for the nursing home and told them what was going on and it wasnt a lie and they said not to worry that he could still have his job. (They never gave him his job back) Well needless to say we fought them for unepmloyeement and other issues but we lost. And its been down hill from there for us.

It all started with his father dying. It is so frustrating. Years have passed but I still feel angry feeling. Not because of his dad, but the people that screwed us over. They lyed in court and he call the umemployment board of Pennsylvania and they must of paid someone off because there was no record of our conversations with the judge. I called a lawyer and everyone even one of the people on the umemployement board and nothing. And boom no case so we lost everything. I have lost all faith in the goverment. How can I do everything right and because greed of someone they paid someone off I lost everything.

I am just so afraid that things will never be the same. I am getting married next year and I have no money to have this wedding. I dont want much but I have nothing because of these horrible people. How can I not hate this people. I want to let go but its still the reason for alot of my problems today. I just want to be back to normal and not worry about money or if people and there greed will screw us over again. Its hard to trust when people keep screwing us over and they have everything and we have nothing. Just at lost with everything 🙁


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