Crazy I may be,
Yes, crazy, I am.
Crying for reasons
The same then and now.
My love is a curse
Yes, this is a fact.
I cannot withstand
The feelings I have.
I know of a man,
Who felt the same way.
But now it is he
I feel for this way.

Fate is a joker,
A shit sort of one.
She’s toying my heart
Like she toyed with his.
Now he is on me
To play the same tricks.
The tricks he fell for
Like ten stories deep.
Then now is my turn,
To fall really hard.
A fall through a hole
Of sharp swords and mud
Would you not call crazy,
A man just like me
Someone who pleasures
Pain and frustrations.
I’m loving a man
I can never have.
Just being with him
Brings so much sadness
Yet just seeing him
Feels much like breathing
Can’t live a minute
Without him texting.


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