So I wanted to put my mood as "quite content" but the mood thing isn’t cool enough to have that as an option .

Angst is an awesome word. I love the Germans. They have the best words. Like schadenfreude!  "Happiness at the misfortune of others". It got it’s own song on Avenue Q, which I also love. That musical is genius. If you haven’t seen it or heard of it go check it out. YouTube has all of the songs. It’s like adult Sesame street…on crack.

My english seminar went awesometastic by the way. I’m pretty sure we hit the 20 minute mark on the time limit so thats good.  

I stopped typing for a while and forgot if there was anything else I was going to write for that. I have a terrible attention span. We did this quiz on our "Style of Leadership" in my school workshop and I ended up being a catalyst, which means I don’t follow direction easily, I’m creative and I tend to want to do things my own way – not using someone else’s rules. They put us in groups after to make an ice breaker and while the person was talking none of us payed attention long enough and ended up talking to each other. By the time she was done the explanation we realized that she was talking and had to get her to re-explain the activity just to us. That many people with those characteristic in one group doesn’t end well for teachers. But we did end up with the best ice breaker . We did the Human Machine. One person starts it by choosing an action and a noise and then the next person has to build on that. The machine can end up being giant. It’s so much fun.

Alrighty. I have to go now.

Ta ta.



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