So the day after I wrote my last blog entry, I went to the Humane Society in St. Paul in the hopes that I would find for myself a kitten.

 Much to my dismay (though for the benefit of both kittens and shelter) all of the kittens had been adopted.

As soon as I walked through those doors, I KNEW I would be getting a kitty, no matter how it worked out. Disheartened by the news that all of the kittens were gone, I went from cage to cage, looking at all of the cats… just in case there was one that stole my heart.

There were some truly spectacular-looking cats. Tall, spindly-looking ones, large, round ones, short-hairs, and long-hairs. As I passed by each cage, I felt this sense that perhaps I wasn’t intended to get a kitten. That indeed, I should give a home to a cat.

That’s when I saw her. Huddled in the corner looking slightly intimidated. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the tip of her right ear was missing. This darling little poofball of a tabby cat, staring at me like I was about to eat her. I felt this strange maternal protectiveness well up in me.

I looked at the girl at the register and asked her if I could open the cage. She said it was quite alright, so I opened the cage door and slowly put my hand in.

The cat looked at me as if I were going to eat her. I held my hand still until she could sniff it, and after one quick sniff, she nuzzled her head into the palm of my hand, grateful for company. Yep. That won me over.

I shut the door, then went up to the counter.

“I’d like that cat over there,” I said. “The one in the corner with the tip missing from her ear.”

And after a few minutes of filling out paperwork, she was mine.

Now, I’m strange about names. I MUST name my pets. If they’re cats, I have no problem with changing their original name. At the shelter, her name was Lucy. But now that she was mine, she was to have a different name.

The way I name a cat is pretty simple. It goes: Status, Personal Name, Origins, Residence.

I name everything, so of course I’ve named my house. :p

Anyway, because I adopted her, her Status name is Assimilant. Her personal name, after much deliberation, became Winifred (though I call her Fred.) Her Origins, since they’re mostly unknown, were taken from her original name and the city from which she came. That leaves me with “St. Lucy”. Finally, we have the residence. It has taken me forever to name this damn house, so I’m just calling it “Anywhere” now.

So, taking all of those names and throwing them together, we get my darling cat:

“Assimilant Winifred St. Lucy Anywhere”

 She’s still getting used to the household, but she definitely seems to be adjusting quite well. She’s only about a year old now, so I know she’ll potentially be with me for many years to come.

 Assimilant Winifred St. Lucy Anywhere

I’m quite pleased with her, and it’s nice to have a kitty of my own. It was such an awful thing to hear that my cat ran away back home.

I miss her terribly. She was my little monster, and I just loved her.

Anyway, enough of my babbling. You all have a wonderful day.



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