Hello everybody! Well im gonna share alittle of my struggles/obsesions that I go through in a daily basis. Im your tipical OCD case of germ fear. I fear objects that according to my mind are contaminated. I will not touch fausets, knobs from restrooms(usea a paper). Before I sit in a place I have to inspect it first and asure it has no spots or any indicators of anything. Even when I go shopping for anything as small as a toothbrush, I inspect it carefully. Since I am studying medicine, I start to obses and think of medical related occurenses; for example, Last time I was walking around the hospital and walk over a small hard object. I started to obses and think that I may have walked over a radium seed or something. I also fear lead, and becoming lead poisoned. Im very carefull and try to avoid buildings built befor 1978. I will not touch the walls or side door frames, and when I see chiped paint, and get even 3 feet close to it I have to wash my hands,because even though im not contaminated, I have to do it. We know that our obsesions and compulsions are not very logical, but we have to do theme or if now we star to get anxious  restless and we cant concentrate. I am aware of my condition and battle it everyday. Gradualy Im showing progress. To those who read this; excuse the bad grammer and spelling, im just exausted right now. Also To whoever reads this again, I would like to encourage you to reply to me, share your experienses and thoughts. Sometimes I wonder if im the only weir one, or if theres really others like me, that take obsesions and compulsions to that level.

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  1. Quest 15 years ago

    If it comforts you to know you’re not the only one, then I hope my responding will help.  I have contamination, compulsions, and phobia problems, and yes they can be quite extreme.  I keep trying each day to improve my situation.  Many of my attempts are as I call them baby steps.  So, I remind myself that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I still hang on to a shred of hope that the baby steps will become giant steps someday.  Hang in there and give yourself a pat on the back everytime you’re able to take a baby step with your situation.

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