In the 80s and into the 90s the medical/psychiatric establishment was unable to deal with the most severe cases of anorexia. When the patients (usually young women) reached a weight of about sixty-some pounds they were considered to be lost, about to die.

Peggy Claude -Pierre's daughters both became anorexic, firstone and then the other. When Peggy found that the establishment was unable to help, she set out to save Nicole, and then Kirsten. She was a graduate student in psychology, but she was on her own in this situation. She succeeded, both daughters fully recovered. Others heard about her phenomenal success, and almost immediately she was in the business of helping the most severe cases, returning them to health with almost a 100% success rate. Remember that this was during a time when the establishment was having practically no success with such cases.

I first became acquainted with Peggy through a TV documentary put out by 20/20 in about 1995. I was extremely moved. Later I wondered why I seemed to be able to relate and sympathize with these anorexic women although I had never had any tendency at all toward anorexia (for most of my adult life I've been a muscular 185 lbs).

Well, it turns out that the root causes of anorexia and OCD are similar. It is largely about negative thinking and self-criticism. Peggy published a book in 1997 called The Secret Language of Eating Disorders. From this book we can infer information that helps us to better understand OCD. Peggy is working on a second book at present in which she will specifically go into OCD.

YouTube has videos of one of Peggy's two 20/20 documentaries (along with other of her TV appearances in the 90s).

About 10 years ago Peggy's clinic was shut down by the powers that be for not conforming to certain technical standards. The real reason, in my opinion, was that her unprecedented success was an embarrassment to the medical establishment. After that I could not find her for years. Last year she emerged with an internet blog and word of a new book on the way. The following is a link to her blog, which is called "Kindness Always Matters."

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  1. purpose_first 12 years ago

    I'm so glad that people here are finding this information helpful. Psychology has been a side interest of mine for forty years — Peggy Claude-Pierre is someone very special!


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