So I've been blogging basically everyday about the guys who live below us and their constant, none stop music. I thought things were getting better. They still blasted the music with no regard, and even now, at 3:07 AM, I can hear them talking, clear as day.

There must've been 6-10 of them. At 1:30 AM, they started their music. Sure, it was louder a few weeks ago between those hours, but the fact my ground was shaking was enough to tick me off. The constant pounding was distracting me and I was very sick from *thinking* that the landlord had given them a note and that they made an effort to stop or turn their music down. I now think it was a fluke; they just haven't been here recently. My friends who were over today were all surprised and annoyed by the noise of their music. No one really understood how bad these guys below us were, until tonight.

So, I made the call. I called the police. My heart was pounding so incredibly fast as I dialed. The women who responded was very kind, but very straightforward. I felt like she was judging me, but that's simply my nature.

Me; "I have a noise complain."

Women: "What's the noise? Is it very loud? Do you know the neighbours?"

Me; "I've never met them."

Women; "Do you want to see the police officer personally?"

Me; "No."

I can't really remember the entire conversation, my adreliane was running. In less than 5 minutes, I seen the cop park outside and enter the building. The guys below us were STILL blasting their music. We heard the cop talk to them for like 10 minutes, we don't know what he said. When he came inside, their music was STILL blaring as he knocked on their door! 🙂

They were all pretty angry sounding after he had left. I don't know if they know it was us. I figure maybe, since I pound on the ground, and I'm pretty sure I heard one kid state in anger; "They should've just pounded on the ground or something!!!"

But you know what? Why should I have to? It's 1:30 AM, they KNOW they're not alone in this building.

I'm a little nervous now, though. I don't know what I think they'll do to get revenge. I picture the worst-case scenario – them gaining up on my boyfriend, them killing our laundry … I dunno. I don't think they've physically seen us, I don't even know what they look like. But I keep thinking we're going to be punished.

I also feel like this will only last for a little bit. Like they'll think they're in the clear after the week. Will I ignore the cops if I call again?

Right after the cops left, they started smoking put. My boyfriend was like; "I'm surprised with all of the times they smoke pot, why wouldn't the smoke alarm go off?" And right as he said it, the alarm went off … AND IT WAS QUIETER THAN THEIR TALKING! How loud can they possibly be talking if their smoke alarm is less noticeable? How loud could their music had been?

We even heard them scrambling desperately to turn the alarm off.

So, yeah. I may have made some enemies. But again, why should I care? These two guys have no consideration. I've pounded on the floor numerous times to nothing. Is it hard to get that you're in an apartment building and that JUST maybe, you're blasting your music too loud?

Next times? Continue to annoy the police?

I'm such a coward. I could've just waited until tomorrow to give them a note, but I keep thinking that they'll just laugh at it regardless. Their College students probably having this apartment paid for by their parents, what do they care? This is just another party place for them. They think they can do whatever they want with no consequence. They don't care if the other people have to work, heck, I can't even sleep in if I want because they blast their music by 10:30 AM!

Ah, yes. I could've avoided conflict if I were braver. If I hadn't been so nervous, maybe I would've spoken to them. Maybe they would have understood and got the message. If I had handed that note sooner, perhaps they wouldn't have had all their friends over and decided it was good to start up with the music at 1:30 AM?

We'll see how this goes.


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