This will not be all of my skits and I'm not that great of a writer so with a great imagination and understatement of where my skits are getting at will make it more funny. The OCD Serial Killer: This is your average assassin. His murders start out very small and then as the police start to investigate this murder scenes they start to notice how efficient and how great the murder is at not leaving evidence behind. This man continues to murder people and he leaves less and less evidence behind. The police believe he is the greatest of all time because no evidence is left behind but it's the fact that he has contamination issues. The best thing is the serial killer himself does not know he suffers from serious OCD. He spends hours cleaning his clothes and everything at the scene of the crime. Habituation: Quick take on habituation, an act on which you wait for your anxiety to go down without doing rituals. As for the skit, there will be a group of OCD people and the therapist are going through out the day starting out with small things, like getting use to touching door knobs then increasing to shacking people's hands and for the last exposure they go to a nuclear power plant. All the therapist tell the OCD people to go around and touch everything. The OCD people don't know how to react and are in shock. Using your imagination, you could imagine how ridiculous the exposures get.OCD Chiefs: Everything has to be perfect so making a sandwich could take up to hours. OCD Gang: A true full crime full of gang members and the only way to be part of the gang is to have OCD and they all embrace it. Some agents need to go undercover to catch them so they try to fake having contamination OCD issues. These agents get into the gang but the are not consistent and the agent is caught when he forgets to do one of his rituals and the gang not only freaks out that he is an agent but now view him as contaminated and has contaminated everything and the gang has to relocate everything instead of clean. I had a lot more but I can't remember them and wish I would have written them down. Use your imagination and these can be funnier than what I wrote. If y'all have any ideas I would like to hear them.

  1. ancientgeekcrone 9 years ago

     Write them down and maybe one day, you will publish them.

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  2. chez 9 years ago

     i so love this blog put a smile on my face 🙂

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