With these I sit at a lonely window,alas a memory inconclusive in nature,

forged in opposition of my inner being,

clearing and watered down sobriety within the rain,

shouting of citizens begging for a cool cool drink.

Missives of old loves saddened and broken down,

calmly breeding menace within my heartless mind of depravity,

thirsty and immaculate wondering of the cynical remains,

sick of bloody knuckles and bloody wrists,

sick of dead bodies and witty kicks.

Who am I to judge the workings of being,

when I am a nothing but a pawn in the giant game;

with my choices contaminated by innate function and instinct,

no happiness to be had from being a human being,

read up on the brokenhearted yesterday,

minds are a cluster, full of terror and torturous nature.

It was worth the time here, and always will be,

but I'm a goodnight kind of person, a forgive and forget kind of guy,

until you've come along with the rebuttal I desperately despise,

sick and drunk from those reasons to shun all within my life.

If I was to be blind, deaf, and dumb I'm sure life would be different,

nothing to cause a thought, nothing to cause a riff.

Breathe, O for I am no longer the same,

I changed the very day I awoke from a dreamless night.

Better than I was, to be better than I am,

I'll be one step ahead of your silly little games:

pitter patter, did you hear that noise?

Sorry for you, sorry for all that have been looking,

broken hearts are imminent,

on my journey to breaking through the mold.

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 11 years ago

    I knew you were a musician, but now I find you are a poet too! Multitalented.

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