YEEPEE!!! Finally, Got my SSI, I don\'t know how people do this without help and support from others, and I sure don\'t get how people can fake it, but they do. I filed first in 04, but didn\'t know what I was doing, so when it got denied, I let it close. I ended up getting a job at a Chevron, but it quickly became obvious that I could\'nt physically do the work. My Boss was really nice and kept me on way longer than he should have. So I ended up refiling March 07 and I got on State Disability. Having HIV probably helps a little, but mainly both my knees are shot from an old accident and my hands go numb all the time. This bad car accident I had in 81, has come back to make me miserable.

OK, back to my SSI, I got State Disability for 1 year, and was lucky I got paid so little, I was able to refile the SSI case. After talking to enough people, I decided to get a lawyer in July 08. She did give me paper work for my Doctor to fill out,  alone I just wouldn\'t have the right stuff, so I\'m glad I did get a lawyer. I already have my basic first 2 denials. I go to court, 11/08, and it went very well, the vocational expert in there, just kept agreeing with all the points in my case. They must be hoping most people will go insane waiting and going thru all this. Finally, 5 months later in 6/09, I get a letter of approval and have an appointment at my local SSI Office. This went smoothly, she just gave me 2 things she was going to need to see, a copy of my State Disability payments and a written agreement from my Mother, she supported me for 16 months. I don\'t know what would have happened if my family wasn\'t there to help.

I think thats why I wasn\'t on as much this last month, I was just getting so stressed with the whole SSI ordeal. After the approval letter came and I went  to the SSI Office, I pratically have collasped, I did get physically sick, ended up in bed for days. I didn\'t realize what a toll this whole thing took. Anyway, if anyone is going for SSI out there, I would say get a lawyer, unless you really know what legal forms to get. I\'ll try to answer any questions, if you have them. I love this site, I\'m sure I\'ll be on more. I can\'t believe all the changes that go on here, so quickly. Blink and stuff happens. Again Hugs to all my buddies out there. Jody

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  1. Loki 14 years ago

    Congrats Babe! I’m happy to hear the good news!

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