I want to stay in bed today but its too hot.  I do have ac in the living room but the couch is not the same as bed.  I have no motivation to do anything today. Unfortunately I have things I have to do today.  I have an appointment with my therapist today at 1pm.  And I have to do my laundry…that is not going to be fun in this heat.  My friend Katie wants me to go see some live music at the brewery tonight but I really do not want to go.  I would rather stay inside with the ac.  Maybe dye my hair…I have been really lazy about getting that done.  I am a blond that is turning white and I henna my hair red…so my roots look ridiculous and they are really long right now.  I do not have any motivation today…if I didn't have to see the therapist today I would not do anything.  I am supposed to leave the house for at least an hour everyday, thats what my therapist said last week.  I tried.  I did't make it out at all one day.  just to take the dog out.  I did have company for a couple of hours though…maybe that will count.  But I doubt it.  I really have no motivation.  that has been happening a lot lately…again.  I am supposed to go camping this weekend.  I am actually looking forward to it.  I am taking a book and a lounge chair.  It will be my dogs first camping trip.  I think she will love it. well I had better try to muster up some energy… start my day…meh


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