So I decided to start seeing an TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioner to try out some acupuncture.  I have been having some acute upper back problems that I think are due to a combination of factors.  Physically, I started a new sedentary job that keeps me in front of a computer a lot more than I'd like, and emotionally my boyfriend and I ended our good relationship when he moved to London for work.  Since these two circumstances happened within a week of one another, I think my back is holding a lot right now.  

Anyway, I went to the TCM practitioner in my area (San Francisco) and had gave me a 2 hour intake where we discussed my health history (including physical and emotional trauma along with chemical exposure) and he took my pulse, blood pressure, weight etc.  But yesterday, I had my first needle treatment.  He actually used points in my legs, saying that the meridian that has blocked energy in my back runs all the way down into my legs.  The treatment was relaxing, didn't hurt at all, and today I am feeling a little better, but not in a way I had expected;  My back is still in need of some care, but I am certainly CERTAINLY more focused than I have been in recent weeks.  I am here at work and though I'm writing a blog posting, I'm eager to get back to my work as soon as I'm done.  I'm not worried about the boyfriend situation this morning either-a true relief as thoughts around him usually monopolize my thoughts.

So for what it's worth, my initial appointment went really well.  I have another one tomorrow, and two next week. At that point we will start doing fewer appointments per week and month, but it is suggested that you start doing more at the beginning to bring your body back into function.  

I'm hopeful that this mental clarity continues (and that back relief soon follows!)




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