Today was definatly one of THOSE days. One of those days where it would have been better to stay in bed all day, rather than get out and face the day.. I should have just taken my own advise and stayed inside, in my nice warm bed, rather than getting up and doing what the psych wanted me to do- Get out of the house more.

I didn’t get to sleep until about 5am, i was up talking to Mike. He is such a calming infulence on me. I love it. I woke up at around 1130am. Not too bad. Beautiful day outside. I was hungry and asked mum to take me up to the local shopping centre to get something to eat. Harmless right? WRONG!

There were many people there, i’m guesing becuase of the post christmas sales. I decided that i was going to use one of the gift cards that i got for christmas on the second book in the Twlight series. Much to my disapointment, i couldn’t find the damn thing anywhere, i guess everyone wants to read it now since the movie came out.

So after tedious searching we gove up looking. As we were walking out of the shopping centre, someone dropped thier drink on the tiled floor.. and of course me being the clumsy person i am, found it, rolled my ancle, and landed on the floor, infront of a line of people waiting to use the ATM. I ended up with sticky fruit juice all up my leg, skirt and back. VERY ATTRACTIVE!! I could feel my face going redder and redder by the second. A kind young man asked if i was ok, while the rest of the people sat there and laughed at me. Totally humiliating. I went up to the service desk and told them about the juice on the floor, to spare someone else suffering my humiliating fate.

So now i’m at home with a very sore ancle, swollen with wonderful shades of purple and brown bruising, limping like an idiot. To make things worse i hurt my left ancle, which is my "good" leg, compared to my right which is the one that my knee cap keeps on dislocating. UGH.. unbelievable. I swear if there is any danger within a kilometer of me, i will get it.

I definatly should have just stayed in bed.



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