My other half is trying to force me in to group therapy for my socail anxiety

That's the last thing that I want. OMG. Because he doesnt think or feel as I do, he gets on me. He makes it even worse. I dread waking up in the morning, I dread when he comes home at night.

He gives a big lecture of what I should do, should be doing and how I should think and how I should answer and how I am not doing it. I would rather get ran over by a bus then deal with him.

I use to have a really good job, he didnt care that I had only three hours of sleep working an over night shift on responce. When I came home 9:30 in the morning after fighting for parking. I had to sit in the living room waiting for him to come out of his room so we could spend time together and go to lunch / my dinner. Some times he wouldnt come out in till 12:30 pm.

I couldnt nap in bettween or I would ruin my whole sleep. When up and ready I would come back and clean the house because i couldnt do it when he was sleeping, because it would "bother" him. I couldnt lay down in till after halled at 6pm. Then I would lay down and try to fall asleep with all the noise going on outside. by 9 pm I would finally …if lucky fall asleep, the i had to wake up at 11 because he came home.

On the weekends, he would get mad at me for falling asleep arounf my regular time or being tired all day…if i wasnt running 2 1/2 upstate to see my mom in the nursing home and then hosppice and my 17 year olf son at the time who refused to leave the home and stay with me at the time. I would have to wisti my mom and then go shopping for my son's food. Clean the house becasue he refused to do it. I would go 24 hours without sleep on that day . My mom was always pissed becasue I was tired and wanted to sleep in the day and that I was working. I needed my medical benifits because I had asthma–now that i find was stress

when she died , my son still wouldnt leave so i would still make my weekly trips. He would actully hid the food and throw it out i found out later to tell my mom i wasnt coming and giving him food. i found whole cooked chickens in the fire barrel and tv dinners hidden in the basment. I wasted 200 dollors of food on him each week to find it hidden and thrown out.

WHen i finally got my son to the city only after telling him i would be able to drive for a month after a knee operation. My uncle went to town on the garage and other belongings. Thousands of dollars of tools went missing.

He asked me four times before she died even before she went to the nursing home if i was selling the house. He went to her death bed on christmas eve , the only time he went to see her to try to get the house.

then in the first time of 40 some years was i charged for the shared water well

id write more but my bf came home and i cant let him know i belong to anything on line

  1. mbbmom69 10 years ago

    Sounds to me that your bf is your reason for having this problem and let me tell you my bf was the reason I had anxiety and panic years ago and after he got the boot I got better and haven\”t had any in 20yrs, till now and it\'s coming from the stresses in my life. Stop living your life for your bf and if he cared he would stop what he\'s doing to you, he sounds controlling not a good thing for anyone\'s mental state with or without any form of depression. Find people who lift you up daily not put you down, I\'m sure you are a great person and have alot to offer to anyone so gf don\'t ever settle for less than you deserve!!! Please don\'t be mad at what i\'ve said it\'s just that I\'ve been there and I know what it\'s like and trust me with someone like that you will never get better and you being well is the most important thing. Your friend mbbmom69

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  2. kittyblu 10 years ago

    not mad at all. i realize it

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