uh..well work dosent seem to be getting any better…This manager guy is on my ass about everything…hes only temperary but i got like 8 points sence this mother fucker came…we only get 12 and we're out. Idk what to do…But suck up my pride take it and do what i can.That asshole said that he dosent think this is the carerrer for me. Its not his place to say that…he also said that they cant compensate for someone with a disability…which i know isnt true…but he went on saying how it be discrimination…is that right?he said that hes spending more time with me cuz i have a disability…is this weird or what?

Well besides work my family is as crazy as ever.Gram keeps acting weird when i bring anything up about moving.I dont get it she was so supportive before and now im hearing my mothers voice coming out…"you wont make it on your own. You need me."…do I ?ah!!!I wish these ppl worknt so hot and cold…there for me one moment and the next not.I talk to my mother about her renting out my room finnaly…it ended in a pritty clam note…I was supriesd in my self and her.I mean she acted dumb to not telling me like it was my fault for not calling her to give her the oppratunaty to tell me.but i didnt yell or anything, i spoke calmly…was mad but…idk its kinda petty to make a big deal about.I seroiusly dont understand why my grandmother is so into my health im fine…im normal…not too fat or skinny.I mean its my body isnt it?!I've decide to try and keep my family some what distant..i cant really do that with gram but…it seems when i tell her things it only upsets me so i got to work on how i talk to her.

I've been considering dieing my hair red…its like getting control on my life in some way i dont really know how to explain it….but ever since i was yong i've been kinda treated like a living barbie…I have thick strawberry blonde hair,pale white skin,im 5'10".My friends use to play with my hair all the time…I've always been refered to as blondie,or dumb blonde.But my mother was the worst when it came to my hair.My hair use to be really long before down to my butt.She never would let me get it cut or trimied. Finnaly i cut it real short when i was 18…my mom cried ppl were mad at me. For my hair!! So I think it be a nice change, wanna make sure my bf is all for it. He is the only one whos oppion matters to me.No one eles.


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