This summer is appearing to be probably the most active I have ever experienced (that is a big statement for anold tour rat). I have 12 festivals booked to vend at along with three trips planned. One to Alaska with the kids preceded by one to tennessee with my sisters and followed up by a 5 day festival with the kids dad and his new girl and her daughterfor our "family" weekend. (yeah, we're cool that way) On top of that I intend to keep both jobs and hope for the best.Being only May I have already taken off 21 days for doctors, kids appointments, and various social service appointments they like to spring on me from time to time(just to see if I crack Ibelieve).I wonder if my obsesiveness in keeping as busy as possible has something to do with me just not wanting to think about things or if I just REALLY do need to stay that busy to feel like I am giving life the honest to goodness best effort I can. I love the feeling of sucessfully juggling a hundred things at once. I just wonder what is going to happen one day when the balls fall. I'll probably just shrug my shoulders and pick up a kite instead.(knowing me)

Medically things are going well. I finally reached my gao of a cd4 of 1200. yay me. I am working on my doctor to try me on Egrifta to attempt to get some of this gross accumulation of fat off of my body that was brought on by all these pills they cram down my throat. (gained 60lbs within 6 months). Wish me luck. She wants to do a bit more research first.

Kids are doing great. Both are pulling A honor roll for the year. I really see the time I put into homeschool work paying off. The oldest however is begining to show the very earliest signs of the circus that is adolesence. I haven't lost it yet but he is certainly straining the ropes from time to time.I do not for a moment look forward to two teenage boys. Atleast they are not girls I suppose. I just try to keep them busy. Summer camp, Baseball, piano lessons, festivals with mom and 8 ststes in 2 weeks. I hope it is enough to keep them out of trouble.

All in all, life is good. I just keep rollin with the punches and most imprtantly….Keep my ass busy enough to not have time to think about shit.


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