November 21, 2005

So you understand…

Even though when my eyes drift

I am not far

You have made miracles of my soul

And you never let go

If I could make you real happy

I think that would make me whole


Only if I was strong

Only if I was able

My soul still frail

So terrified to fail

Let them learn my inadequacy

And I will have nothing left

So I will hide

So I will pretend


I cried today again

So weak unable to fend

Living makes my spirit run dry

My notions make me so nervous

That I beg God for mercy

The tears fall so violently

As I struggle to rinse myself of guilt

I wish to be pure again

I wish to be human again

But my scarlet scar is eternal

Down my face and to the floor

I’m not even a man anymore

For I would be strong

And I wouldn’t weep so long


So sorry this is me

So sorry that you don’t get what you deserve

I am still learning how to live

But I am ready to ask for help



Miss Misery (Early Version) – Elliott Smith




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