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What have you achive in your life so far? are you happy with your life? what kind of plans do you have for the future and how do you see yourself in 5 years? If you have any problems now what have you done or are planning to do to solve them? etc.

These questions overwhelm me sometimes. I woke up today with soe low and negative energy. Trying to fight it to go to school tomorrow. I have the feeling this life is notgoing to work. The scarry prt is that one simple little thing can feel like a stab in the heart. There I go again trying to fill that whole ive been left with, with some food.                                                                                                                 Its and endless cicle. then you go back to feeling guilty that you ate to much,more depressed and eventually to eat again. Thinking how can i make my life better, but then going back at doing the same mistakes.  

Its scarry knowing that time goes by quickly that at the same time your going deeper under the ground. Im screaming from the inside so that nobody can hear me. I hide so thatI can cry so that nobody can see me. But I guess tomorrow is another new day. I have this exam tomorrow but i know i wont pass.Been trying to concentrate but its so hard. I feel like the dummest person in my class. Thats bad looking at thefact that im the older one.

I still have to fight a bit longer though because otherwise if i gie up now ill en up feeling worse. I gotta stop usin food as comfort. I gotta stop hurting myself like this. My life is a hell but im sure it could be worse. I know igotta think positive but its not as evsy as it sounds.

In the end i will always try to get better, but it gets overwhelming.                                                                  

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  1. WadeAlexander72 11 years ago

    If I”m being totally honest: I have achieved nothing, I hate my life, and I am completely lost about my future. I don”t know if what I am doing is the right thing or not and I worry all the time that I am making the biggest mistake in my life (for whatever choice I make).

    I am trying to fix things, but it it”s a slow process. Things often feel like huge obstacles and I often feel I”m not up to the job. I worry about my life every day in some way or other. I often feel like my life is nothing but one big miserable joke.

    I feel "broken" and don”t know how to fix it.


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